What are the Visionary Arts?

It is a time of many transitions on Earth.  With all great cycles of change and transformation, Art is the cartography that maps the culture and consciousness of the ages.  The Visionary Arts can provide essential guidance by reflecting the processes of transformation, awakening, and self-awareness to a world that is on the precipice of redefining and redesigning itself.  

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Donating to the Foundation

Founded and steered by a leadership council of visionary artists and supporters, the Visionary Arts Foundation is designed to educate the public about visionary arts, promote and enable visionary artists, as well as introduce and distribute art to new markets on an international scale.  The primary mission of the Foundation is to serve the shared intention and vision of its artist constituents, and empower them to create and share their artwork on a larger scale.

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International Partners



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Visionary Arts give the viewer a reflection of their own interconnectedness, creative power, and responsibility.

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