Adam Fu currently resides in Austin, Texas.  Growing up, Adam was exposed to many different cultures visiting both the maternal side of his family in Taiwan and the paternal side of his family in Mexico.

From early on Adam Fu felt a strong calling to study the traditional plant medicine ways of the indigenous peoples of America.   Adam has lived with and continues to visit families from different indigenous nations of both North and South America  –  learning from and supporting their art and ways of life.   From the jungle dwelling Shipibo-Conibo and Matses – Jaguar tribe to the high desert Huichol Deer Tribe of Northern Mexico “All of these tribes have intimately touched me and influenced me as a being – Artistically and Spiritually.”

Whether Painting Live  at a Music Festival, chanting in the deep jungle with Taitas, or laying offerings in the  high desert w/ elder  Mara’kame guiding – one can find Adam Fu channeling deep healing visionary work for the people.

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