Aloria studied the human form through life drawing, sculpture, anatomy & physiology courses, and hands-on through Massage Therapy.  She then began a deep exploration of sacred geometry and pattern, and is currently focused on work which integrates these elements with the human figure.  After exploring a variety of mediums as a young artist, including bronze metal casting, ceramic sculpture, photography, & printmaking, she dedicated herself to oil painting, and has been painting for well over a decade.

Aloria has shown her work in a multitude of prestigious locations in the US, including Alex Grey’s MicroCoSM Gallery in NYC, the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art in Oregon, the Hive Gallery and the Temple of Visions Gallery in Los Angeles, CA. Throughout Europe, Aloria’s artwork has been exhibited and sold in Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, and Holland.

Underlying all of Aloria’s work is a belief that the highest function of a human being is to love, and the highest function of Art is to point to the transcendental spiritual nature of all beings- to expand the otherwise limited perceptions of the material and physical world.  It is her belief that to assume the highest role of an artist is to work ceaselessly for the benefit of all sentient beings, to live from the heart. To this end, Aloria practices Ahimsa, the Yogic discipline of non-harming, and adheres to a compassionate and peaceful vegan lifestyle.

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