Art is a technology that can communicate and transform the collective consciousness. Integrating what the sciences and philosophies of past and present teach us about matter as vibration, we find ourselves at a tipping point. With the integration of the knowledge of energies and what we can do to manipulate these energies in our every day lives, The Artist becomes more than a transmitter of images. The Artist becomes a technician of wavelengths, receiving, transmitting, and amplifying The Flow of Consciousness That Is Life into a work of Art.

Amongst many other benefits, making Art has become a method for hacking my inner fire wall, transcending the pre-frontal cortex of my brain which keeps me from readily accessing the ocean of consciousness that is available in other states such as those of meditation, dreaming, out of body experience, plant medicines, and cosmic awe. Making my art has granted me gradual access to a more integrated and multidimensional reality.

“I dedicate all my work to the transformation of a collective of entities on the brink of quantum breakthrough.”

“I give thanks to the trailblazers that have inspired me.”


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