My art is decorative and symbolic. Experiences filter through my unconscious onto the canvas and into awareness. I paint what I love and love what I paint without excuse – animals, nature and the spirit of the feminine.

I started my career painting fantasy finishes and scenes on interior walls in Europe. I learned to paint ‘on the job’

Today, my mixed media paintings celebrate the wisdom, mystery, beauty, quiet reflection and timeless primal knowing available to us from profound communion with the creatures of this world. Powerful images weaving together interconnected goddess forms, animal spirits and archetypal symbols; images of beauty, hope and renewal.

The core philosophy in all my work is Interconnectedness. From many threads we weave one web. Out of many stories an endless stream of experiences unites all life. What we do to the Earth around us we do to ourselves. There is much wisdom to be found from animal beings and nature.

My paintings are Conversation Pieces between souls, the painting and the observer. I believe artists influence the River of Life, so what we put into our art others take away.

In principle making authentic art means trowelling deep inside, seeing the Essence of all things at the innermost levels and using this process as a healing tool for profound transformation both of ourselves and the Planet we share.

Take great care of the animals. The world would be an empty canvas without them.

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  1. 12-23-2013

    We met at the gala night at the zoo for the elephants. Said so then and will say it again. I So love your work. Thank you for sharing such amazing, passion and talent. X x beautiful art.

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