We all have an inner artist. Some call it “Co-creator”.

Only by connecting with nature and tuning out the outer distractions can I refine my energies to work organically, in the moment. I enter into a raised vibrational state. Within this core of being a heart truth beyond the intellect is apprehended, wherein the colors and the canvas have the say. A spirit song is then sung through me. Art, for me, has always been based on following the soul’s bliss.

In the beginning I didn’t know I was channeling. I just knew that to understand and value our divine nature means we must hold up the mirror to nature. In order to experience that central, yet expanded, point of the Higher Self, I let go of ego controls simply by allowing my vulnerability to surface behind the easel. I also don’t pick up a color unless I am attracted to it through my heart. In addition, I feel spirit guides with me when I work, and linear time seems to disappear.

This visionary art was born out of free form exercises in 1987. I am grateful to have found the inner doorways, the harmonic places of stillness that lay between our inner elements. Eastern philosophy and earth medicine is a strong theme in my work. I love connecting with the animals, for they hold the knowledge of the star nations.

The interplay between human and animal into a coherent whole is set to create an inclusive world view whilst remaining playful. And because this kind of artistic process leads to the download and transmission of multi-dimensional, magical worlds, perhaps the truth of our human imagination is that it is actually our memory.

Thank-you for viewing. You are invited to connect into your soul, and may it help you experience a Sacred Earth.

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  1. 3-18-2014

    You are an amazing artist and I love your thought that “perhaps the truth of our human imagination is that it is actually our memory.”

  2. 3-19-2014

    Love it!!!!!!

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