As an artist I plant and nurture the seeds of change. Art has the power to ignite mass movements of compassionate action, communicating complex concepts through aesthetic beauty and symbol. Creativity is the backbone of social transformation, and to that end I tag creative works with breadcrumbs that lead to evolutionary information.

In 2007 I graduated from the Evergreen State College, where I joyfully pursued an independent curriculum in digital painting. In 2008 I attended the Revelations Intensive in Seattle, which completely elevated every aspect of my life. In 2009 I journeyed to the icy foothills of the Himalayas where I became a Yoga teacher, creating art inspired by my studies. In 2010 I joined the development team of, the social network for sharing dreams and transcendent experiences.

Through the practices of martial artistry, asana, pranayama, meditation, and lucid dreaming, I find the empowered center where creativity surges.

Check out Visionary Art by George Atherton.



  1. 10-7-2011

    You have achieved everything and explained everything I have ever attempted to achieve or iterate. It’s quite exciting to find someone who strives to inspire the way I’ve always wanted to. I’ve been learning about Buddhism slowly the last couple of years, all the while I’ve made some of the same connections, like that of and Seattle. i do admire your advocacy of balance in the universe and the value of learning experiences you seem to possess.

  2. 10-7-2011

    also, is your inspiration for this piece from Buddhist faith or Hindi?

  3. 1-19-2012

    In lakech ala kin ,hoping to contact George threw this transmission .I am moved and inspired to connect wit you on a creative level .Hoping we can make contact !.WOw I just want to thank you re awakening a sleeping part of me .Looking forward to meeting you .Love and blessings .Satyavan Om


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