A multi-talented fine artist painting now for over 35 years on explore painting and the arts. A world traveler incorporating many ancient cultures and mystic philosophies, focused on spirituality and awareness.

Imago Dei is an Art Institute of Chicago graduate with a BA in fine arts in 1990. His art and inspiration has come out of his Native American shamanic studies and traditional Taoist beliefs and practices. He has used painting since a early age to lift the veils between life and death. Going through many styles he focused mostly on surrealism and abstract expressionism. Influenced by the concepts of cymatics (sound creating geometric shapes) and Carl Jung’s mandala therapy. In the 90’s he incorporated more direct symbolism into his works in an attempt to reach the deeper subconsciousness of the viewers. In his later years, he has moved into a more Asian themes studied at school yet sparked by a more growing Taoist philosophy of life. Imago Dei’s new work is to project peace and mindfulness with sacred geometry to activate the viewer into their deeper spiritual core hoping to give them divine peace and fulfillment.

Artist Statement:

“Through my art I hope to activate people into the deeper spiritual part of themselves, where their sense of peace and knowing dwells.”

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