Jake Kobrin was born in San Francisco and raised in Mill Valley, California. Met with the striking natural beauty, and cultural vacancy of Mill Valley, Jake immersed himself in an inner world of his own creation. During his youth and throughout his adolescence, his artwork was his sanctuary, and during that period of hermit-like dedication he fostered a passion for visual art that has only grown throughout his life. After high school, a series of entheogenic and meditation experiences triggered a lifelong pursuit of spiritual Truth. He currently resides in Marin county and continues to create artwork in a variety of mediums ranging from acrylic, oil, digital paintings, and graphite drawings.

On his artwork, Jake reflects:

“My artwork strives to revitalize the medium of visual art as a spiritual tool to communicate to the viewer a rich inner world that is accessible to all. In this way my artwork serves as a sacred mirror, a vehicle of self discovery for both the artist in the process of creation and for the viewer as a reflection of a numinous and uncharted aspect of the psyche. My artwork manifests almost entirely from a subconscious place, influenced by the automatist techniques of the great surrealists. My artwork is also greatly influenced by non-ordinary, shamanic, and transpersonal experiences, Eastern philosophy and psychology, the thriving psychedelic avant-garde of Burning Man, and the burgeoning Visionary counter-culture. I strive to blend an eclectic array of artistic and cultural influences with a classically-informed aesthetic to produce artworks that are both visually and conceptually interesting.”

You can view more of Jake Kobrin’s artwork at and

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  1. 5-27-2013

    An awesome talent harnessed to a sacred calling… Props!

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