Both serene and passionate at once, Michael Divine’s images speak with a universal language of beauty that anyone can understand and relate to. Using his visions and experiences as his subject matter, his work explores the inner map of the psyche and the heart. He translates what he finds into breathtaking imagery illustrating the journey of growth and transcendence from the inescapable phenomenon of human conditioning.

Michael’s work follows in a long tradition of artists who base their work on their interpretive visions. From Wassily Kandinsky’s intuitive balance of line and color to the bold movement of Umberto Boccioni to the psychologically informed landscapes of Salvador Dali, the elements of the past inform Michael’s art. Introducing a very present spiritual component to this exploration of the artistic vision, Michael’s work adds another chapter to the continuing artistic lineage.

Born in Connecticut in 1976, Michael studied religion and writing at Syracuse University in New York, where he first grew to appreciate Eastern philosophy and mysticism. Since then, he has spent much of his adult life creating, traveling, and honing his artistic skills and his personal growth. He considers life an ever-evolving dance of healthier living and coexistence with nature.

Michael draws inspiration from a wide variety of sources. He continues to explore philosophies and practices that have inspired him, such as dance, Buddhism, Yoga, and various forms of meditation. Michael currently lives in Costa Mesa, CA with his wife Violet and their myriad pets. Michael and Violet changed their last name to “Divine” upon their marriage in 2008. They intend it to be symbolic of that which they wish to see and create in the world.

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