In his early twenties Robby studied physics and electronics and worked as a design engineer, he holds a variety of significant US patents,
Recently ( 2008-11 ) he gave up fine art for a few years in order to dedicate his talents to the design of green energy wind turbines.

In his late twenties Robby dedicated himself to the development of artificial intelligence and studied A.I. at stanford university, his work in artificial intelligence lead him to a deep study of psychology and philosophy, and sparked his ongoing work into the true nature of mind and spirit.

An intense kundalini awakening that burned his nervous system put him firmly on the path of learning energetic healing, he has become a very talented and sought after energetic healer, he is also very sensitive so only very rarely offers healing sessions.

In his thirties Robby opened to his true path and allowed himself to be an artist, he studied art at the san francisco academy of art, while he was studying he found the computer arts institute and became their top teacher , he has since taught classes for symbolics computers, sygraph, industrial light and magic, lucas arts, the academy of art, echelon, the institute of noetic sciences, and for a long list of collages and universities…. he has also tutored many wonderful people in spiritual art and digital art and prefers the depth and intimacy of teaching one on one.

Robby says:

It has taken me a life time of work and study to get here, I am finally ready to make the work that really means something to me and that has the potential to help in the awakening of mankind

I grew up in the world of new age christian meetings listening to a variety of wonderful teachers, studied Zen Buddhism in an ashram for two years, lived in Hawaii for three years studying Huna with master Hawaiian Kahuna’s, two summers studying Wicca in the california redwoods, studied and danced for years with a master Sufi and his community, trained in energetic healing and clairvoyance with the Berkeley psychic institute, trained with harold dull in Watsu, with Louise Hay and the church of religious science, with Steven Farmer, Oscar Miro-Quesada and Several other Shaman in Shamanism, with Darren Weissman in the life line technique, with Gary Renard studying the course in miracles, and with Julia Child studying french cooking…. and in a long list of retreats and seminars with a wide array of extraordinary teachers…

I have been studying master artists all my life, went to the san francisco academy of art, attended seminars with all of the best artist teachers, on my day off I search the world for the best new art I can find … I studied computers and computer graphics, became the most sought after digital art teacher in san francisco for 4 years, worked for industry giants, taught sacred art and digital art in some of the most prestigious places …

I managed to find and hang out with some of the worlds best spiritual teachers and authors, I tutored several of them in new technologies and digital art as a personal advisor, and they filled my head with deeply profound insights …

I’ve worked 70,000 hours at a dozen computers running 100’s of programs for 20 years

I’m astonished by the miracles that flow out of my new computer

and only now am I almost ready to make some real art


I’m ready to try until I get it …

I love this work


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