The Visionary Arts Institute & Museum is an integrative experiential learning center focusing on all aspects of the creation, communication, and distribution of visionary arts. Designed to host a broad range of classes, the institute will include meeting and workshop spaces, artist studios, facilities for multimedia and audio production, healing studios, capture and printing facilities, as well as an outdoor sculpture and permaculture food garden.

The Institute offers a variety of ongoing courses and workshops across the spectrum of creative arts.  From painting techniques to music production, movement arts to permaculture practices, each aspect of the Institute is specifically designed to help develop a well-rounded education and cultivate artistic and creative mastery.

The Museum showcases visionary art from around the world. Permanent installations bring guests into a “living environment” where they are surrounded by light, sound, paintings, and sculptures.  Other gallery spaces have installations that change regularly, featuring new works by emerging visionary artists, as well as major defining works in the genre.

The facilities also include a theater to showcase speakers and visionary arts performances, which can include dance, live-music, storytelling, costumes, environment design, projected digital arts and paintings, lighting design, and more.  Performances in the theater draw more attendees to the institute and museum, and support the financial sustainability of the center.

The main components of the Visionary Arts Institute & Museum include:

  • Museum & Galleries – permanent and temporary art installations
  • Performance Auditorium – for performance arts, presentations, film showings, lectures, theatrical productions, etc.
  • Multimedia Library – art reference and history books, music, films, etc
  • Organic Café – gathering space for collaboration and nourishment
  • Store – selling prints, videos, books, music, and other art products
  • Artist Studios – for painting, sculpture, and collaborative design
  • Classrooms – for arts workshops and seminars
  • Movement Studio – for movement arts courses (dance, yoga, martial arts)
  • Digital Design Lab – for computer based design courses (PSD, AI, Painter)
  • Recording and Capturing Studios – photography, audio/video recording
  • Printing Facilities – large format scanning and printing equipment
  • Healing Studios – for massage therapy and healing arts sessions
  • Workshop & Forge – for sculpture, metalwork, jewelry and ceramics
  • Permaculture Gardens – sustainably growing food, herbs, flowers, etc
  • Dormatories – temporary housing for artists/teachers/students
  • Solar & Wind (or other zero-emission) Power System

 Through an elegant entryway, framed with sculpture art and flower beds, the entrance to the Visionary Arts Institute & Museum is pristine in its simplicity yet enthralling in its futuristic design.  The Museum invites attendees into the worlds of different visionary artists, immersing them in the depth and spirit of the artist’s expression as they are bathed in light, sound, and visual beauty.  Open galleries offer spaces for more simple focus on single art pieces that change regularly, inviting visitors to return again and again to explore.  The theater is a formal performance auditorium, though styled with touches of visionary art that enhance the experience of dance performances, lectures, and film showings.

In the Institute, amidst winding halls with alcoves dedicated to all forms of visionary art, painting studios host visiting artist teachers, while workshops and seminars take place in high-ceiling exploration spaces.  High tech video and audio recording studios capture and master visionary art in film and music, while a technology based learning center educates students on essential digital drawing and photo editing tools.

Movement space lined with mirrors invites practices that develop the inner visionary arts, while small satellite healing studios create space for massage and bodywork exchanges between artists, teachers, and students of the healing arts.  A café forms the social hub, where artists of different media exchange ideas over foods and drinks that nourish and enhance body awareness and strengthen health and immunity.  The public can also find a variety of art for sale in this area, from high-quality prints to clothing, DVDs, and music.

Surrounding the Institute is a garden that stimulates and awakens all the senses.  Flowing water fountains frame beds of flowers, edible herbs and vegetables, while visionary sculpture arts arch over mosaic pathways.  Permaculture and ecological education courses help to anchor art students in awareness of one of their greatest teachers, the Earth.  Finally, the “future vision chamber” is a constantly transforming collective art piece made of sculpted galactic cities, digital projection portals, collaborative paintings and poetry dedicated to visions of the future for all generations to come.

In surveying a community of Visionary Artists from around the world, almost all of the artists suggested California, and specifically the San Francisco Bay Area, as an ideal spot for the Visionary Arts Institute & Museum.  The high frequency of art students coming into the area because of the range of art colleges is ideal to fill workshops and short courses on specific art forms.  Many tourists visit the Bay Area to explore museums and art galleries.  Wealthy art collectors and successful entrepreneurs regularly travel north of San Francisco to Marin County for wine tasting and visits to the gorgeous countryside.

The combination of quick access to Berkeley, Oakland and the city of San Francisco, as well as the excellent weather and beautiful landscape of Marin County makes it one of the best locations in the Bay Area. The current housing market and land availability is also ideal for securing high-quality real estate at low cost.  We are currently scouting locations that are close to Highway 101, either previously built with excellent architecture, or land (potentially with housing) that is ready for development.