It is a time of many transitions on Earth.  With all great cycles of change and transformation, Art is the cartography that maps the culture and consciousness of the ages.  The Visionary Arts can provide essential guidance by reflecting the processes of transformation, awakening, and self-awareness to a world that is on the precipice of redefining and redesigning itself.  There are many styles of art, abundant throughout the world.  Few types of art so accurately depict and express the fundamental nature of the transformations occurring right now on planet Earth, from personal changes to the global dynamics of ecological, economic, and social transitions, as the Visionary Arts.  Yet this rising form of art has been relatively obscure and is not well known within the international arts community.

There are some immediate steps that can be taken to spread awareness of the Visionary Arts, and educate the public about the inherent meanings and messages engrained within this art form, and the missions of those who create it.  The first is to create a Visionary Arts Foundation, whose primary initial act is the funding and development of a Visionary Arts Institute.  Both the Foundation and Institute will have online and multimedia counterparts that enable their discovery on a global scale.

In unifying visionary artists through a professional Foundation supported by appropriate funders, constituents, and partnerships, the Visionary Arts can swiftly become a highly recognized and revered art form.